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When you’ve been single for quite some time, I think it’s fairly safe to say that you get a little stuck in your ways. I know that this was definitely the case for me. I’ve long since had a deep love for travel and getting out there and seeing more of the world, and I wasn’t scared to go it alone. Some of my favourite memories involve me jumping on a plane on my own, and getting lost in a new city and all it has to offer.

So when I signed up to a Birmingham dating site and started seeing someone, I was a little apprehensive about taking out first short break together. Would we get on? Would it be the beginning of the end? Would we discover that we didn’t really have that much in common? Yep, I was nervous. But we made it work, and our relationship ended up being taken to the next level.

Here’s my advice for surviving your first short break as a couple…

Before you go, discuss what you really want to see and do

If you met someone on dating sites in Birmingham, then you’ve probably already established what you have in common and what your respective interests are. Still though, communication is absolutely key here. Even if you both have a love of museums, then it might be the case that one of you would also love to spend time sampling the local wines.

There are always things that we don’t know about each other, especially in the early stages of dating. So before you jet off, get together and talk about what you both want to get out of the break. Ultimately, open communication is key, and it’ll help to avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

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Be prepared to compromise

Single life means that you get really used to doing things completely your own way. If you go on your break in that mindset, then it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to run into problems before you’ve even left for the airport. Maybe you have no interest in checking out that local park, but it’s top of your agenda. If that’s the case, just make sure that your itinerary is balanced and take into account both your interests.

Remember too that this doesn’t have to mean that you won’t have a great time. Have an open mind, and you could end up discovering a new interest that you can’t wait to explore further in the future. Together, of course!

Factor in a little time on your own

If you’ve signed up to free dating sites, you’re probably looking for companionship and a really great time. If you’re anything like me though, it doesn’t mean that you want to spend every waking minute in each others’ pockets. Spending a little time on your own is healthy, even on a short break together.

Run a bath and read your book. Head out to a cafe and grab a solo coffee. By the time you reunite, you’ll be ready to get stuck back into embracing your time together.

Your first break together is a challenge… But it can be a rewarding one too!


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