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One of my all-time favourite things to do at this time of year is to have friends and family members over for a bbq. It’s a great option whether you want to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or a graduation, and it’s also just a fabulous excuse to get everyone together and let your hair down over some great food and a couple of cold beers.

Often though, the outside space in our homes can become a little neglected. If you want to host a bbq but you know that your garden needs a little TLC beforehand, I’ve got you covered. Here are my six quick tips for getting that garden of your bbq-ready in hardly any time at all…

Give that shabby fence a lick of paint

It’s amazing what a splash of paint can do. You can pick up a decent pot for less than a tenner in any DIY shop, and add a real splash of colour and lease of life. If you’re really feeling creative, try painting each post a different colour to create a rainbow effect. This looks works particularly well when you add some pretty bunting.

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Create a space for the kids to play

The last thing that you want to have right near a hot bbq is kids running around playing. Put your mind at ease by creating a play space at the opposite end of the garden. Lawn games are a great idea, and will keep the little ones entertained and out from under your feet! If you need a little inspiration, check out these 20+ fun DIY outdoor games for kids.

Make sure you prepare for the unpredictable British weather

A definite downside when it comes to hosting a bbq in the UK is that you can just never be sure what the weather is going to do. Be prepared by erecting a gazebo to keep your guests dry in the case of any showers, or make sure that you have some umbrellas close to hand.

Consider some outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting can be so cute, and really add a bit of individuality to your garden. I personally love fairy lights for this purpose. Get a few sets and throw them up randomly in different places to create an intentionally mis-matched and quirky look. Make sure that the ones you buy are suitable for outdoor use.

Get out your mismatched cutlery

The beauty of a bbq is that it tends to be a laid back kind of affair. So put your finest china away for the evening, and have a good old dig around in the back of your cupboards. Plates and bowls in different colours and designs will come together to create a shabby chic feel, and it also won’t matter so much is something accidentally gets broken.

Consider building your own pizza oven

Okay, so this one might not be the quickest or easiest option. And pizza may not be a traditional bbq food. But an outdoor pizza oven has a serious wow factor attached, and it can be a talking point for any kind of party that you want to host in your home. If you fancy the challenge, Delicious Magazine has a great step-by-step tutorial.

Will you be hosting a bbq this summer? How will you be making sure that your garden is ready for your guests?


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