Pendant lights are a great source for style and illumination, whether you use them in a traditional setting or an unconventional space.

If you’re new to pendant lights and need some style assistance with where to hang them, which styles to choose and how they should be hung, then here’s everything you need to know.

Functional lighting

Pendant lights make a great option for the home, because they not only provide task lighting where it’s needed, but they also give you the opportunity to give the space a decorative touch.

These types of lights can be hung individually in smaller spaces, or hung together in group to make a big design statement that’s similar to a chandelier.

Choosing the right design

The first thing here you’ll need to do is take in the size of the room of where they’re going to be used, do you need a wide or slender shade? How many will be needed to illuminate the space? You want to ensure that your pendant lights don’t get lost in strong features of the room, or overshadow some of the more subtle ones.

It’s also important to thing about the pendant shades, and whether you’d like them transparent or opaque. If you choose a clear glass shade, the light will be able to travel more freely around the room.

The great thing about pendant lighting is that they can add a real decorative aspect to your room, whether you choose blown glass, a shiny metal, or a fabric shade.

Grouping them together

The important thing to remember when you’re grouping pendant lights together, is that you group them in odd numbers. It’s an interior rule that should be adhered to.

Where to put them

You’re more likely to see them sitting above a kitchen island or a dining room table, but there are so many other places in the home you could place your pendant lighting. Create a reading nook in your living room with a pendant light and an accent chair, use them in place of table lamps on the bed stand, or even sconces in the bathroom.

Hanging them correctly

There are certain measurements given when you’re hanging pendant lights in certain areas, but the most important thing to remember is that if they’re going to used in a area that has a heavy footfall, or you’re going to be using the space a lot, just make sure that they’re not too low where people can bang their heads on the light.

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